Initiative leadership prepare for success!: Fundamental interview guide

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“PREPARE FOR SUCCESS” PAGE: 1 INITIATIVE LEADERSHIP PREPARE FOR SUCCESS! FUNDAMENTAL INTERVIEW GUIDE Candidate: __________________________________ Date: _______________ Interviewer: __________________________________ 1. Discuss the process you used to define the business objectives of an initiative or project on which you were the Initiative Leader. (1:1) 2. Describe how you have used the “Chartering” process on your initiative, and relate how it has helped or hindered your ability to set and maintain the team’s direction. (1:1) 3. Relate an instance when your use of a Change Management process helped you maintain your team’s focus during a change in direction coming from outside the team. (1:2) 4. Give an example of the work you did to gain management’s alignment to the business objectives of your initiative. (1:3) 5. Discuss Communication techniques you use that have helped you keep people informed and engaged on your initiative. (1:4) 6. Discuss an occasion when you had advocated to keep your project from being “killed” or when you advocated to “kill” your project. Tell why and how you defended your position. (1:5) 7. Describe a time when you led the team in the Planning / Scheduling process including identifying required tasks and their sequence and logic. (2:1) 8. Give an example of how you used Risk Management techniques to identify and mitigate a risk to your initiative. (2:2) 9. Describe how you used SIMPL tools to help you manage your initiative. (2:3) 10. Relate the process you used to drive to, and gain alignment to, an important decision on your initiative. (2:4) 11. Describe the processes you employed to manage the various capital, pre-production, brand support, and all other pots of money on your initiative. (2:5) 12. Describe the meaning of the various parts of the initiative diamond. (2:6) 13. Discuss how the SDDS process is used to effectively develop and deploy strategies (2:7) 14. Define “portfolio analysis.” How is Portfolio Analysis used to improve overall GBU business results? (2:8) 15. Describe your GBU’s use of the “Master Plan” concept. How does this help your GBU manage the impact of initiatives on the business? (2:9) 16. Tell about a time you had to work outside your home organization to fill a staffing gap or replace a non-performing team member. (3:1) 17. Describe three separate techniques or events you used to build your team’s effectiveness. (3:2) FUNDAMENTAL INTERVIEW GUIDE “PREPARE FOR SUCCESS” PAGE: 2 18. Describe how you joined up new people to your team when they joined after the project was already initiated. (3:3) 19. Relate how you have provided assessment or feedback to the functional boss of one of your team members. (3:4) 20. Provide an example of a conflict where you provided the leadership to resolve the issue and keep the team and its members on track. (3:7) 21. Describe how your initiative fits within your GBU’s business strategy and the overall P&G company direction. (4:1) 22. Describe your current or most recent initiative with respect to its: strengths, weaknesses, competition in the marketplace, major risks, and reasons for each success criteria. (4:3) 23. Give examples of how your initiative is impacted by company and government policies, standards, and regulations. (4:5) Additional questions assessing functional knowledge and skill to be added by interviewer. This includes the following functions: Advertising, Research and Development, Product Supply, CMK (Consumer & Market Knowledge), MDO (Market Development Organization), Finance and Accounting, Design, Artwork, Fast Cycle Learning, and External Relations. FUNDAMENTAL INTERVIEW GUIDE
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