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Hồ Sơ Xin Việc - Theo kiểu Thống Kê (Tiếng Anh) ANGELA CONNELLY 1854 Saddle Creek Drive, Chicago, IL 66010 • Phone: 312-555-8822 • E-Mail: angelacon@msn.com LEGAL COUNSEL Poised to contribute strong background in health-care law to Health Group Coop PROFESSIONAL PROFILE >> Energetic, team-focused health-care attorney with more than 14 years of legal experience, including paralegal and law-clerk background, and expertise in diverse areas of law. >> Motivated self-starter who assists in drafting hospital policies and advises on clinical ethics by serving on the ethics advisory and policy subcommittee of Veteran Affairs Great Lakes Health Care System; wellversed in medical, legal, regulatory analysis/compliance in health care and clinical-research ethics. >> Accomplished contributor experienced in case management, factual investigation, case development/preparation, litigation, pre-litigation, case analysis, and client advisory matters. >> Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communicator with a proven track record of forging relationships among stakeholders and performing well both independently and as a team member. >> Skilled legal researcher who also excels at computer-based and non-computer-based legal, technical, and scientific research. AREAS OF LEGAL EXPERTISE >> Health-care law: o litigation o regulatory/reimbursement o fraud and abuse o false claims o Medicare/Medicaid compliance o employment o clinical ethics o human-subject research ethics o institutional ethics o corporate transactions in heath care >> Intellectual Property: o trademark o copyright o patents >> Product Liability >> Environmental Law >> Business/Transactional >> Admiralty/Maritime >> Construction >> Medical Negligence >> Family Law >> Labor and Employment: o discrimination o EEOC complaints o union grievances o labor arbitrations o enforceability of noncompete covenants o employment contracts >> Construction Defect >> Personal Injury >> Contract Disputes PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Associate Attorney, Fisch, Swallows & Thomson, P.S., Chicago, IL, Feb. 2003 to Present >> Practice health-care law, representing academic medical center. >> Handle Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement cases, as well as complex health-care litigation cases. >> Represent co-plaintiffs Illinois Protection and Advocacy System and MultiCare Health System in complex mental-health law case against the State of Illinois involving the state's failure to provide adequate community mental-health resources, funding to regional support networks, an adequate number of beds for patients committed under the Involuntary Treatment Act, and other issues; collaborate with in-house legal department of three-hospital group. >> Represent clients regarding employment-related issues that typically arise in hospital and medical settings. >> Collaborate with hospital and regional medical center in-house legal departments on regulatory compliance cases. Attorney, Fogle & Fogle, Chicago, IL, Dec. 2002 to Feb. 2003 >> Drafted and responded to motions; prepared and responded to discovery related to a complex litigation case set for trial. >> Prepared experts and witnesses in fast-paced legal environment of firm dealing with construction defect, personal injury, and employment law. Law Clerk, Great Lakes Lakeports, Chicago, IL, May 2000 to Apr. 2001 >> Performed legal research and drafted legal memoranda regarding employment law, personal injury, contract disputes, trademark law, and environmental law issues. Summer Law Clerk, U.S. Attorney's Office, Western District of Illinois, Criminal and Civil Division, Chicago, IL, Summer 1999 >> Drafted legal memoranda, summary judgment motions, sentencing memoranda, and other documents. A. Connelly - page two Paralegal, Baker and Associates, P.S., Chicago, IL, Jan. 1996 to April 1999 >> Prepared witnesses for arbitrations and trials. >> Assisted with trial preparation and case development. >> Managed trial teams and performed case/data analysis. >> Drafted labor arbitration briefs and mediation memoranda. >> Prepared responses to EEOC charges and demand letters. >> Performed legal research and interviewed lay and expert witnesses. >> Prepared and responded to discovery requests and other pleadings, such as summary judgment motions. Paralegal, Riley, Rogers & Cain, LLP, Chicago, IL, Sept. 1993 to Jan. 1996 >> Assisted attorneys with trial preparation in the areas of intellectual property, product liability, environmental, labor and employment, business/transactional, and admiralty. >> Performed legal, scientific, and general research. >> Analyzed complex data. >> Interviewed lay and expert witnesses. >> Wrote arbitration briefs and responses to EEOC charges. Paralegal, Bogen, Munns & Munns, Chicago, IL, March 1990 to Sept. 1993 >> Managed teams on large construction litigation matters. >> Traveled extensively to assist clients and consult experts and local counsel with case analysis, claim management, and case preparation. >> Performed legal, medical, and general research in the areas of construction, product liability, and medical negligence. >> Prepared audit response letters and quarterly litigation reports. Paralegal, Charles Sumner, LLP, Chicago, IL, March 1990 to Sept. 1993 >> Interviewed lay and expert witnesses in the areas of environmental, products liability, and family law. >> Analyzed data, organized documents, and executed legal and general research. >> Prepared and responded to discovery. Litigation Assistant/Legal Assistant, Frasier & Harrington, Chicago, IL, Sept. 1986 to Aug. 1988 >> Assisted with trial preparation, including witness interviews, in construction and admiralty/maritime areas. >> Drafted pleadings, conducted legal research, and organized documents. VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE Member, Ethics Advisory Committee and Policy Subcommittee, Veteran Affairs Great Lakes Health Care System, Chicago, IL, Jan. 2003 to Present >> Collaborate with other committee members to educate and advise the hospital, health care providers, and other interested parties regarding ethical implications of health-care policy and practice issues. EDUCATION and TRAINING >> Juris Doctor, Chicago University School of Law, Chicago, IL, 2001 o Served as Executive Editor, Chicago University Law Review >> Seminar in health-care ethics, University of Illinois School of Medicine, Chicago, IL, 2002 >> Mediation Certification, University of Illinois School of Law, Chicago, IL, 2000 o Completed a Mediation Clinic course, University of Illinois School of Law, 2000 >> Graduate-level coursework in Labor Theory, Clinical Ethics, Medical Ethics, End-ofLife Issues, Higher Education Law, Health Law, Employment Discrimination, and International Health Issues, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL, 1995 to 1998 >> Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL, 1986 BAR ADMISSION and PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS >> Admitted to Illinois Bar, 2002 >> Member, Illinois State Bar Association >> Member, American Bar Association Life Sciences Grants Compliance Subcommittee >> Member, American Bar Association >> Member, American Health Lawyers Association >> Member, Illinois State Society of Healthcare Attorneys >> Member, Illinois State Trial Lawyers Association Nguồn: TimViecNhanh.Com
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