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ĐỀ TRẮC NGHIỆM 5 Chọn từ có trọng âm nhấn vào âm tiết ở vị trí khác: 1. A. contents B. patient C. predict D. mature 2. A. consider B. tolerant C. tropical D. colorful 3. A. argument B. employee C. recognize D. difference 4. A. chemical B. alcohol C. document D. determine 5. A. contaminate B. artificial C. intelligent D. encouragement Chọn đáp án để hoàn thành câu: 6. I am sure they will be very……….. at your success. A. delight B. delighted C. delighting D. delightful 7. If you want to put up a tent, you will have to look for a nice flat piece of ………… . A. ground B. soil C. earth D. floor 8. The day-to-day ………. of the company is left to a board of directors at the top. A. working B. establishing C. running D. all are correct 9. …………… , he was unharmed after being hit by lightning. A. Consequently B. Finally C. Cautiously D. Miraculously 10. I think its a bit …….. to hope that we can beat them easily. They are much younger and better. A. reality B. really C. realised D. unreal 11. Noboby can approve of his ……….. to work. He is so irresponsible. A. character B. behaviour C. attitude D. manner 12. The old man is …….. of walking 100 meters by himself. A. inexperienced B. incapable C. unable D. immature 13. I ……….. an important phone call from America. Could you tell me when it comes? A. had expected B. have been expecting C. expected D. am expecting 14. I …………… a better job, and I am going to accept it. A. was offering B. have been offered C. was going to be offered D. am offering 15. Why are you whispering to each other? If you have something important ………..., say it aloud to all of us. A. to say B. said C. saying D. say 16. You look so tired! You ………….out too late last night. A. had to be B. should have been C. had been D. must have been 17. Each of the 4 types of human …………..suited for a specific purpose. A. tooth are B. teeth is C. tooth is D. teeth are 18. ……….my friends has watched the film yet. A. No B. Not any of C. None D. None of 19. In many countries there are national companies belonging to the state, …….private companies. A. including B. as well C. together with D. but also 20. We all know that it is important ………. medical directions to be understood clearly. A. with B. for C. of D. in 21. We are considering having………………….for the coming New Year. A. redecorated our flat B. to redecorate our flat C. our flat to be redecorated D. our flat redecorated 22. ………… chooses to be honest is, certainly, nearer to God. A. Anyone B. Who C. Anyone of us D. Whoever 23. That honest man always speaks ……………. is true even if it is bitter. A. that it B. that C. what D. which 24. The progress made in computer technology …………. the early 1960s is remarkable. A. in B. for C. since D. during 25. Did you apologise to Mary, …………….? A. who you spilt some coffee on her dress B. you spilt some coffee on her dress C. whose dress you spilt some coffee D. whose dress you spilt some coffee on Đọc bài văn, chọn đáp án điền vào chỗ trống: Many of the things we do (26)……… on receiving information from other people. Catching a train, making a phone call and going to the cinema all involve information (27)……. stored, processed and communicated. In the past this information had to be kept on paper (28)……….., for example, books, newspapers and timetables. Now more and more information is put (29)………. computers. Computers play a role in our everyday lives, sometimes without us even realising it. (30)………. the use of computers in both shops and offices. Big shops have to deal with very large (31)………….. of information. They have to make sure that there are enough goods on the shelves for customers to buy, they need to be able to reorder before (32)……… run out. A lot of office work in the past involved information on paper. Once it had been dealt with by people, the paper was (33)……..… for future reference. This way of working was never (34)…………….. easy or fast. A computer system is much more (35)……. . 26. A. to depend B. depending C. depended D. depend 27. A. that has B. has C. is D. that is 28. A. in the case of B. in the form of C. in preparation for D. in search of 29. A. on B. in C. by D. with 30. A. To be considered B. To consider C. Consider D. Be considered 31. A. amount B. number C. numbers D. amounts 32. A. stocks B. items C. purchases D. cargoes 33. A. thrown away B. torn off C. put aside D. recycled 34. A. particularised B. particular C. particularly D. particularity 35. A. effective B. skillful C. capable D. formal Đọc bài văn, chọn đáp án điền vào chỗ trống: Radio, telegraph, television and other inventions brought (36)………for newspapers. (37)……….. the development of magazines and other means of communication. However, newspapers quickly (38)………. of the newer and faster means of communication to improve the speed and (39)…………of their own operations. Today more newspapers are (40)………….. and read than ever before. Newspapers are sold at prices (41)……….. to cover the cost of production. The main source of income for (42)…………..newspapers is commercial advertising. The ability (43)………… advertising depends on a newspapers value to advertisers. This (44)…………in terms of circulation. Circulation depends on the work of the circulation department and on the services or entertainment offered in a newspapers (45)……. But for the most part, circulation depends on a newspapers value to readers as a source of information about the community, nation, and world. 36. A. facilities B. usefulness C. preparation D. competition 37. A. So had B. Therefore had C. So did D. Therefore did 38. A. made use B. took the place C. got the control D. did an action 39. A. convenience B. importance C. necessity D. efficiency 40. A. printed B. issued C. published D. advertised 41. A. that are failed B. that fail C. have failed D. fail 42. A. the most B. most of C. most D. almost 43. A. to sell B. to buy C. for selling D. for buying 44. A. headlines B. tittles C. papers D. articles 45. A. critics B. ordinary people C. advertisers D. readers Đọc đoạn văn và trả lời câu hỏi: Reducing your intake of sweet foods is one way to keep your teeth healthy. The least cavity-causing way to eat sweets is to have them with meals and not between. The number of times you eat sweets rather than the total amount determine how much harmful acid the bacteria in your saliva produces. But the amount of sweets influences the quanlity of your saliva. Avoid, if you can, sticky sweets that stay in your mounth a long time. Also try to brush and floss your teeth after eating sugary foods. Even rinsing your mouth with water is effective. Whenever possible, eat foods with fiber, such as raw carrot sticks, apples, etc... that scrape off plaque, acting as a toothbrush. Cavities can be greatly reduced if these rules are followed when eating sweets. 46. What does the passage mainly discuss? A. A healthy diet B. Food with fiber C. Sweets and cavities D. Tooth decay 47. What can be concluded from the passage about sweets? A. All sweets should be avoided. B. It is better to eat sweets a little at a time throughout the day. C. Sweets should be eaten with care. D. Sticky sweets are less harmful that other sweets. 48. It can be inferred from the passsage that foods with fiber are…. A. sugary B. expensive C. sticky D. abrasive 49. According to the passage the value of eating foods with fiber is that …… A. they contain vitamin A B. they are less expensive than a toothbrush C. they are able to remove plaque from your teeth D. they contain no sugar 50. The author states that the amount of acid produced by bacteria in your saliva increases……… A. with the amount of sweets you eat B. with the number of times you eat sweets C. if you eat sweets with your meals D. if you eat sticky sweets 51. The word intake is closest in meaning to …… A. desire for B. ingestion of C. purchase of D. investment in 52 The word cavity -causing is closest in meaning to …… A. harmful B. desirable C. sickening D. expensive 53. The word influences is closest in meaning to …… A. changes B. affects C. increases D. undertakes 54. The word scrape off is closest in meaning to …… A. remove B. rob together with C. replace D. dissolve 55. All of the following are mentioned about the way to keep your teeth healthy except that……….. A. consume less sweet foods B. brush and floss your teeth C. have your teeth checked every 6 months D. eat foods with fiber Đọc đoạn văn và trả lời câu hỏi: In addition to providing energy, fats have other functions in the body. The fat-soluble vitamins, A, D, E, and K, are dissolved in fats, as their name implies. Good source of these vitamins have high oil or fat content, and the vitamins are stored in the bodys fatty tissues. In the diet, fats cause food to remain longer in the stomach, thus increasing the feeling of fullness for some time after a meal is eaten. Fats add variety, taste and texture to foods, which accounts for the popularity of fried foods. Fatty deposits in body have an insulating and protective value. The curves of the human female body are due mostly to strategically located fat deposits. Whether a certain amount of fat in the diet is essential to human health is not definitely known. When rats are fed a fat-free diet, their growth eventually ceases, their skin becomes inflamed and scaly and their reproductive systems are damaged. Two fatty acids, linoleic and arachidonic acids, prevent these abnormalities and hence are called essential fatty acids. They are also required by a number of other animals, but their roles in human beings are debatable. Most nutritionists consider linoleic fatty acid an essential nutrient for humans. 56. The passage probably appears in which of the following? A. A diet book B. A book on basic nutrition C. A cookbook D. A popular womens magazine 57. The word “functions” is closest in meaning to ……. A. forms B. needs C. jobs D. sources 58. All of the following vitamins are stored in the bodys fatty tissues except…… A. vitamin A B. vitamin D C. vitamin B D. vitamin E 59. The phrase “stored in” is closest in meaning to ……. A. manufactured in B. attached to C. measured by D. accumulated in 60. The author states that fats serve all of the following body functions except to……… A. promote the feeeling of fullnesss B. insulate and protect the body C. provide energy D. control weight gain 61. The word “essential” is closest in meaning to ……. A. required for B. desired for C. similar to D. beneficial to 62. Which of the following is true for rats when they are fed a fat-free diet? A. They stop growing. B. They have more babies. C. They lose body hair. D. They require less care. 63. Linoleic fatty acid is mentioned as ……. A. an essential nutrient for humans B. more useful than arachidonic acid C. prevent weight gain in rats D. a nutrient found in most foods 64. The phrases “ abnormalities” refers to ……. A. a condition caused by fried foods B. strategically located fat deposits C. curves of the human female body D. end of growth, bad skin, and damaged reproductive systems 65. That humans should all have some fat in our diets is ……… A. a commonly held view B. not yet a proven fact C. only true for women D. proven to be true by experiments on rats Chọn phần gạch chân cần được sửa 66. We educate our children as well as we can, because an educational population is the key to future. A. as well as B. an C. educational population D. to 67. The more frequent you exercise, the greater physical endurance you will have. A. frequent B. exercise C. greater D. will have 68. It is believed that in the near future robots will be used to doing things such as cooking. A. It B. the near future C. be used to doing D. such as 69. Robots in the home might not be enough creative to do the cooking, plan the meal and so on. A. the home B. might C. enough creative D. do 70. It is becoming extremely difficult to grow enough to feed the worlds rapidly increased population. A. It B. extremely difficult C. to feed D. increased population Chọn một câu có nghĩa gần nhất với câu cho sẵn: 71. Tom has the ability to be a professional musician, but he's too lazy to practice. A. He is able to practice music lessons professionally though he is lazy. B. As a professional musician he is not lazy to practice music lessons. C. He is talented but he'll never be a professional musician as he doesn't practice. D. Though practicing lazily, he is a professional musician. 72. She couldnt find the classroom until after the class had begun. A. She went to the wrong class. B. She was late for class because she had got lost. C. She missed the class. D. She had some trouble finding the class but she arrived on time. 73. The book costs $15, 50 but I have only $14, 50. A. I have more than enough money to pay for the book. B. The book costs a little more than I have with me. C. I have just enough money to pay for the book. D. I need a few more dollars to pay for the book. 74. My father likes nothing better than fishing on a hot, summer day. A. My father doesn't like fishing on a hot, summer day. B. Although he likes fishing he doesn't want to do it on a hot, summer day. C. Fishing is my father's favourite enjoyment on a hot, summer day. D. Fishing is better than doing nothing on a hot, summer day. 75. If I hadn't had so much work to do I would have gone to the movies. A. I never go to the movies if I have work to do. B. I would go to the movies when I had done so much work. C. A lot of work couldn't prevent me from going to the movies. D. Because I had to do so much work I couldn't go to the movies. Chọn câu được viết tốt nhất với các từ cho sẵn: 76. worlds oceans / vast / cope / present levels / pollution A. The worlds oceans are so vast that they can cope with the present levels of pollution. B. The worlds oceans are too vast to cope with the present levels of pollution. C. The worlds oceans are very vast although they can cope with the present levels of pollution. D. The worlds oceans are vast so that they can cope with the present levels of pollution. 77. robots / use / slaves , therefore , / free / people / do / more of the things / want. A. Robots used slaves, therefore, people freeing them to do more of the things they want. B. Robots would be used like slaves, therefore, free people can do more of the things they want. C. Robots would be used as slaves, therefore, freeing people to do more of the things they want. D. Robots use is like slaves, therefore, free people do for them more of the things they want. 78. way / protect / all the wildlife / must / find/ many species / in danger of extiction A. A way to protect all the wildlife must find as many species are in danger of extinction. B. A way is protected for all the wildlife, finding any species which are in danger of extinction. C. A way protects all the wildlife that are found among many species in danger of extinction. D. A way of protecting all the wildlife must be found as many species are in danger of extinction. 79. persons choice / occupation / probably / most important / ever have / made A. A persons choice of occupation is probably the most important one that ever has to be made. B. A persons choice about occupation is probably most important one to have ever made. C. A persons choice from occupation is probably the most important one ever has to be made. D. A persons choice among occupation is probably most important ever having made. 80. my opinion / unfair / women / more duties / husbands A. According to my opinion it is unfair when women have more duties than their husbands. B. In my opinion it is unfair that women have more duties than their husbands. C. My opinion is unfair for women to have more duties than their husbands. D. My opinion, which seems to be unfair, is that women should have more duties than their husbands. ĐÁP ÁN ĐỀ TRẮC NGHIỆM 5 1. B 41. B 2. A 42. C 3. B 43. A 4. D 44. C 5. B 45. D 6. B 46. C 7. A 47. C 8. C 48. D 9. D 49. C 10. D 50. B 11. C 51. B 12. B 52. A 13. D 53. B 14. B 54. A 15. A 55. C 16. D 56. B 17. B 57. C 18. D 58. C 19. C 59. D 20. B 60. D 21. D 61. A 22. D 62. A 23. C 63. A 24. C 64. D 25. D 65. B 26. C 66. C 27. D 67. A 28. B 68. C 29. A 69. C 30. C 70. D 31. A 71. C 32. D 72. B 33. C 73. B 34. C 74. C 35. A 75. D 36. D 76. A 37. C 77. B 38. A 78. D 39. D 79. A 40. A 80. B
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