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About the pagination of this eBook Due to the unique page numbering scheme of this book, the electronic pagination of the eBook does not match the pagination of the printed version. To navigate the text, please use the electronic Table of Contents that appears alongside the eBook or the Search function. For citation purposes, use the page numbers that appear in the text. B R I TA N N I C A DI SC OV ER Y LIBRARY 1 E M In this book, you will: learn new words. answer interesting questions all about your world. think about all the things that make you who you are. find fun activities at the back of the book. C HICAGO L ONDON N EW D ELHI PARIS S EOUL S YDNEY TAIPEI T OKYO Welcome to the Britannica Discovery Library 10:53 5 AM Page 3 10:50 Page ICA DI SC V O ER L Y IBRAR BRIT ICA E AN D ES PL A C LI C V ER Y DI S O BRA ANN Y ICA DI SC V O ER L Y IBRAR Y .1.6. qxd 1/6/0 5 10:42 AM Page 3 A DI SC V O ER L I Y BRARY NNIC ICA R LI C V E Y DI S O Z BRA RY TH E W OR L R DS WO LD A R O UN D ANN ICA DI SC V O ER L Y IBRAR cover .1.7. qxd 1/6/0 5 11:01 AM Page Y 9 BRIT 3 ICA S 1/6/0 5 10:48 AM Page 3 ES SH A P ANN S OU BRA RY ND S ow w ww ww ND S RY kerrrockit! M AL S ES SH A P ANI IBRA LI C V ER Y DI S O S OU RS RY L C V ER Y DI S O ICA BRA COL O BRA 5 ICA ANN oo o BRIT ANN BRIT Y R LI C V E Y DI S O Y R LI C V E Y DI S O ICA ICA DI SC V O ER L Y IBRAR ANN M AL S AN I qxd DI SC V O ER L Y IBRAR ANN C OLOR .1.7. ICA BRIT pes cover ANN mals Finally, an important aim of the Britannica Discovery Library is to give the adult a chance to share a rewarding experience with children as they grow and learn! ! BRIT BRIT 2 ANN A Parent/Teacher page in each volume provides tips on how to work with the given activities as well as offering a wealth of information on child development and ways to enhance children’s learning—and TH E W OR DS OR LD W capacity to learn. An early childhood education specialist guided AR OUN D US the development of all these pages as well as the activities throughout the set. BRIT Encyclopædia Britannica, Britannica, and the Thistle logo are registered trademarks of Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. BRIT RY ds cover © 2005, 2008 by Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. RAR NU M BE RS E OP L ICA LIB C V ER Y DI S O Y RY P ANN DI SC V O ER L Y IBRAR BRA BRIT ICA NU M BE RS ANN LI C V ER Y DI S O An Activities page at the back of each of the first eleven volumes offers fun activities related to the book’s topic. Each activity is meant to increase children’s skills and understanding of the world at the same time. The twelfth volume is composed entirely of fun activities, puzzles, riddles, and more. ANN 11 A Glossary, which gives both the pronunciation and definition of difficult or unfamiliar words, is provided at the back of each volume. Y 3 3 T I ME BRIT 5 AM ANN E AN D P EOP L E S PL A C Page 14: Photos: Corbis. Page 15: Photos: Corbis; (top) Tom Stewart; (right) Paul A. Souders; (bottom left) LWA–Dann Tardif. may be accessed on the Internet at 3 1/6/0 T IME 1/6/0 qxd Illustrations by Kezia Terracciano. Britannica Discovery Library: Volume 1: Me 2005, 2008 Y RY .1.6. ICA PRODUCTION CONTROL Marilyn L. Barton Page DI SC V O ER L Y IBRAR IBRA ple cover ANN COMPOSITION TECHNOLOGY Steven N. Kapusta Carol Gaines AM ICA R L C V E Y DI S O Michael Ross, Senior Vice President, Corporate Development No part of this work may be reproduced or utilized in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher. 10:44 ANN ICA BRIT International Standard Book Number: 978-1-59339-823-1 (set) International Standard Book Number: 978-1-59339-824-8 (volume 1) 5 qxd “Question boxes” scattered throughout each volume provide an important interactive component that engages children in making observations, thinking about themselves, and, in many cases, using creative imagination within the context of a particular topic. YOU EEAAN MM NDD OU YYOU Jorge Aguilar-Cauz, President Marsha Mackenzie, Managing Editor and Director of Production BRIT Each Britannica Discovery Library volume includes several valuable extras beyond the fully illustrated text: ANN Jacob E. Safra, Chairman of the Board Dale H. Hoiberg, Senior Vice President and Editor FFO ORR FFU UN N ME A ND DDII SSCC V O OV EERR Y L I Y BRARY MEDIA ASSET MANAGEMENT Jeannine Deubel Kurt Heintz RY .1.7. NICA ART DEPARTMENT Kathy Nakamura David Alexovich IBRA JJUU SS TT L C V ER Y DI S O ICA e cover ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA, INC. BRIT AN COPY EDITORS Larry Kowalski Dennis Skord ANN RY ME BRIT 1 FOR FU N D DII S SCC O V EERR Y L I B OV RA Y RY INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Leah Mansoor Isabella Saccà JU S T ICA ME BRA DESIGN AND MEDIA SPECIALISTS Nancy Donohue Canfield, Design Director Megan E. Williams, Design Johanna Boccardo, Illustrations Carrie Hartman, Illustrations Rick Incrocci, Illustrations Jerry A. Kraus, Illustrations Repro India Ltd, Illustrations Joseph Taylor, Illustrations Kezia Terracciano, Illustrations Each of the twelve volumes in the Britannica Discovery Library is designed to encourage children to learn about a key aspect of their world while having fun at the same time. The Britannica Discovery Library is a resource to be used over several years, as children progress from being read to by others to reading independently. ANN R LI C V E Y DI S O EDITORS Kathryn Harper, U.K. Editorial Consultant Mark Domke, Biology Editor 1/6/0 ICA EARLY CHILDHOOD CONSULTANT Penny Dell, M.A., Senior Consultant, Colorado Department of Education MANUFACTURING Dennis Flaherty Kim Gerber qxd ANN AUTHOR Pamela Dell .1.7. BRIT cover RY BRIT ANN ICA DI SC V O ER YL I B R A R Y BRIT 7 AN NICA R YLIB C VE DI S O RAR Y ANN ICA DI SC V O ER YL I B R A R Y 3 I cried when I wanted something to eat and laughed when someone tickled my feet. I cannot remember my very first days, but I got attention in so many ways. When I was first born I was very small. I couldn’t really do much at all. 4 5 And as the months passed I grew and grew. I learned many things, as all babies do. I learned to sit and I learned to stand. And I finally walked, holding someone’s hand. Now I can talk and walk on my own. And everyone says, “Oh, look how you’ve grown!” 6 7 There are lots of things I can do by myself, like tie my shoes and reach a high shelf. I can pick out the clothes that I want to wear. I can dress myself and comb my hair. I can talk to my friends and my family too. I can tell them exactly what I want to do. 8 9 I have grown a lot. I will grow a lot more. I will change and be different than I was before. But no matter how big I grow to be, one thing won’t change—I will always be me. But what makes me ME? Let’s see! 10 11 Being me begins with my name. We all have a first name and a last name. r is you What ame? first n r is you What me? a last n RED LUL U J. Most people have a middle name too. Some have lots of middle names! 12 Do yo u any m have idd name le s? What are th ey? Sometimes people are called by names that are not their real names. These names are nicknames. Joey might be called J. Lucinda might be called Lulu. Someone with red hair might be called Red. These are all nicknames. Do yo u a nick have name ? What is the nickna someo me of ne els e you k now? 13 What I look like is another part of what makes me ME. sses, a l g r a e w t I migh ot. n t h g i m I or ir r ha o l o tc e? Wha ou hav y do avy, w , y air? curl Is it raight h t or s Maybe I have a great smile. I might have a wh face full of frec ole kles! I might be short or tall. What co do yo lor eyes u hav e? 14 My hair may be curly or straight, light or dark. you t do Wha best like ? t you abou 15
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