4 Mẫu đơn xin việc tiếng Anh cho người có kinh nghiệm

Số trang 4 Mẫu đơn xin việc tiếng Anh cho người có kinh nghiệm 1 Cỡ tệp 4 Mẫu đơn xin việc tiếng Anh cho người có kinh nghiệm 32 KB Lượt tải 4 Mẫu đơn xin việc tiếng Anh cho người có kinh nghiệm 0 Lượt đọc 4 Mẫu đơn xin việc tiếng Anh cho người có kinh nghiệm 14
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MẪU 1 APPLICATION LETTER ××× Nguyen Trai St., Dist 1, Ho Chi Minh City. June. 18, 2006 Vietnam Recruiter Inc. ××× Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St., Dist 3, Ho Chi Minh City Dear Human Resource Manager: I am applying for the position of Sales Executive, which was advertised on Aug. 4 with the career services center at ××× University. The position seems to fit very well with my education, experience, and career interests. According to the advertisement, your position requires excellent communication skills, computer literacy, and a B.S. degree in business, economics, or finance. I will be graduating from ××× University this month with a B.S. degree in finance. My studies have included courses in computer science, business administration, speech communications, and business writing. I understand the position also requires a candidate who is team- and detail-oriented, works well under pressure, and is able to deal with people in departments throughout the firm. These are skills I developed both in my course work and in my recent internship at United Distribution Inc. in Ho Chi Minh City. My background and goals seem to match your requirements well. I am confident that I can perform the job effectively, and I am excited about the idea of working for a dynamic, nationally recognized human resource firm. If you would like to schedule an interview or otherwise discuss my interest in this position, please call me at 095×××××××. I will be available at your convenience. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Nguyen Ngoc Thai MẪU 2 February 17th , 20… Le Anh Hung 126/… Le Van Tho, Ward 11 Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh 0903… h4…@yahoo.com Mr. Pham Manh Khoi Human Resource Manager APL Vietnam 22 Pham Ngoc Thach Street, District 3 Ho Chi Minh City Dear Mr.Khoi, I am writing to apply for the senior marketing analysis position you advertised in the Youth Newspaper dated 14th February, 2006. With my education and employment background, I believe I could make a valuable contribution to APL Vietnam in this position. I have graduated from Hanoi Foreign Trade University where I was always considered to be one of the top students. During the years of university, I was involved in a marketing research project that gave me experience in interviewing, surveying and dealing with the analysis of the data collected. I also have completed a course in statistics and research methods. In addition to academic work, my experience has been expanded by working as a sales representative with a small dairy foods firm with an annual budget of approximately $ 15,000. Because of the small size of this business, I was exposed to and participated in most aspects of managing a business, including advertising and marketing. As the sales representative, I produced monthly sales reports that allow the procurement department to project seasonal inventory needs. Moreover, I assisted with the development of ideas for special promotional events and calculated sales proceeds after each event in order to evaluate its success. I believe that the combination of my business experience and unique skills is well-suited to the position you described. I have enclosed a copy of my resume with additional information about my qualifications. I would welcome the opportunity to interview with you. Yours sincerely, Le Anh Hung MẪU 3 Nguyen Van A Tan Binh, HCMC M: 09090909xx E: nguyen….@gmail.com 14th June 2014 Ms Nguyen Van B HR Manager ABC manufacturing company Thuan An, Binh Duong Dear Ms. B, Apply to: Accountant position I am writing to apply for the Accountant position which was advertised on the Careerlink.vn website. I completed my Bachelor degree with an accounting major in 2012. After graduation, I worked as an Accountant at DEF manufacturing company. My duties included reconciling bank transaction and all payment by cash and credit card to make sure all accuracy, supervising all payable accountant/ receivable accountant, assisting Chief Accountant to check the accountant‘ record, making tax reports eg: VAT, PIT and CIT, calculating Fixed asset and prepared expenses. You will find me to be a positive, motivated and hard-working person who is keen to learn and contribute. Given the opportunity, I would apply myself with enthusiasm to all tasks, ensuring that I get the job done accurately and efficiently. As part of my application I have attached my resume for your consideration. I look forward to meeting with you and discussing my qualifications in more detail. Yours sincerely, Nguyen Van A MẪU 4 Nguyen Van A Tan Binh, HCMC M: 09090909xx E: nguyen….@gmail.com 19th June 2014 Ms Nguyen Van B HR Manager ABC manufacturing company Thuan An, Binh Duong Dear Ms B, Apply to: Mechanical Engineer position I have recently seen an advert on the Careerlink.vn website for the position of a Mechanical Engineer and I would like to apply with interest. After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the HCMC University of Technology in 2011, I have taken a position as a Mechanical Engineer at DEF Company specializing producing hand tools. I have been responsible for making operation standard for all process in workshop, updating and management drawing in system, controlling drawing to make sure all versions are newest, reviewing of design document, following up all Issues (ECN, NCR, CAR), controlling ISO9001 in technical department. In addition, I am proficient in using in AutoCAD, Solid work, Solidedge. My key strengths include strong troubleshooting skills, quick problem solving ability and passionate to learn and adopt new technologies and skills. As my years of education and experience make me feel confident that I get the job done efficiently. My enclosed resume provides more details on my qualifications, skills and work experience. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. Thank you for your consideration. Yours sincerely, Nguyen Van A
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